Growing Homes – Furniture Fair 2024

While in its previous campaign the Furniture Fair planted a seed for a better future, the current campaign visual shifts the focus onto how we can grow towards this future.

Because in Brussels, businesspeople naturally come together to move forward, to make their businesses grow. This is a theme that is also relevant to the Furniture Fair itself, whose steady growth is reflected in an increasing surface area and more and more participants.

So this year’s Furniture Fair campaign follows up on last year’s, but with a shift in focus. Alongside the theme of ‘growth’, Brussels is also underlining the importance of a warm home. This is a universal need, which the sector works towards together. Indeed, this sense of conviviality and cosiness is something you’ve been experiencing for years when visiting the fair in Brussels. Because the Brussels Furniture Fair is the home of your furniture family, where the concepts of tradition, contemporary reality, future, innovation and dreaming all come together, are given a place, and form a single entity. It is the place where the previous year’s experiences are shared, where we can note the progress of colleagues, and where we can acquire the necessary knowledge to achieve the growth we desire ourselves.