Small is beautiful

In recent years you see light sources becoming larger and larger – at the cost of the armature.

Meanwhile this disappears into the background. This cannot be the intention, Expo Trading Holland (ETH) believed. So how do you ensure that the armature once again gets the attention it deserves? With the de Pucc (patented): the minuscule, flat LED lamp that fits in all armatures. It has a diameter of 2.8 centimetres and is 1.8 cm high, 4.5 cm including the fitting. This is so small that it disappears into the background. The armature is once again the hero! It is available in an E14 and an E27 fitting. You can dim it in 3 settings via the built-in SceneSwitch technology. You simply change the light intensity by turning your existing light switch on/off. So you have no need of an external light dimmer.

Its small packaged volume (5 x 5 x 6 cm) and low weight (100 grams) also has logistical advantages. Its ecological footprint is considerably smaller. And that too is a big bonus.

A second innovation from ETH is the slim Pisa reading lamp. You can turn on the lamp from a sitting position and position it with great accuracy. The crux of the design is the ball joint in the foot. This enables you to turn it supplely in all directions. The height of the light switch is comfortably within reach. The Pisa is ingenious in its simplicity. Colours such as black, sand, brick and thyme are attuned to the latest interior trends.