The primal power and natural beauty of leather radiates from it.

The new Premium leather collection Natura lives up to its name. This thick, luxurious quality is calling out for specific models.

Natura is a luxurious grain leather with a thickness of 1.8 to 2.0 mm. The hides are carefully selected: only those of the very highest quality are considered for Natura leather. Any natural characteristics of the hides, such as wounds and mosquito bites, are camouflaged thanks to an intense colouring process. A print emphasises the luxurious character, while an extra protective finish layer makes the leather user-friendly and easy to maintain. The palette of timeless colours such as cognac, anthracite and artichoke is indicative of the superior quality. This leather is not something that you replace in a hurry, it lasts far longer than any fleeting trend.

Recor has used Natura for a series of select models such as Cavallino and Ferrara. The number of decorative and topstitched seams is kept to a minimum. This allows the leather to truly come into its own.