BRUSSELS BY NIGHT: A dream comes true…

Sleeping comfort is a world of its own.

This niche product is a field for specialists, and since 2007 they have been meeting in Hall 6. This year, Brussels by Night once again promises to be a dreamy sleep fair. The select offering has been improved on all fronts. First the quality, and only then the quantity.

Time for a quick flashback: last year, the quality of the offering was addressed. The bar has been raised, back to the level of the mid- to high segment. We knew that this strategic measure would have consequences for the number of exhibitors. But that’s something we took in our stride, because the downturn was always going to be temporary. Our dream was and still is to present an offering that is both high-quality and interesting. Then the rest will follow.

This has indeed worked! For us, Brussels by Night 2022 was a success because there was a marked increase in high-quality exhibitors. Fortunately, for most of them it was a big commercial success.

A year has now gone by. Our dream has come true more rapidly and more effectively than expected. How is Brussels by Night looking this year? The occupancy rate is around 3500 m², versus 3085 m² last year. The number of exhibitors has remained the same, but the composition is partly different. Among the familiar names are Polypreen, Van Landschoot, Mahoton and Key West Bedding. Revor has now increased the dimensions of last year’s small stand to the original size. Familiar names are back after a (short) absence, including Nill Spring, Haarhuis & Jansen and Hukla and Hilding Anders. New names include Aya of Sweden, Dauny (NL) and Arctic Living (NL). These shifts aside, the quality level we aspire to has been maintained.

Brussels by Night is not the only offering in this niche. Spread across the Furniture Fair are further sleep-related collections. These are being showcased in The Woods: an overview exhibition of the bedroom offering in the other halls. The products are being displayed in a wooded décor, and invite you to go and take a look at the exhibitors’ stands. Featured brands include Vipack, Poldimar, Alcos, Glam-more, Forte, Belgian Sleep Systems and Bega.

The beating heart of Brussels by Night is the Bar ─ in a fresh setting, in a new, more central position. Here you can take a break and catch up over a free drink and snack.

All in all, we can safely say that Brussels by Night surpasses our wildest dreams. And we’ll keep on dreaming…