Interactive physical shop ─ now!

The consumer is ready for it.

Static and passive are out, dynamic and interactive are in. Immersive technology is no longer a game for nerds, but the future ─ particularly for the furniture sector! Brussels will see the release of iONE JS: an industry-oriented ERP system. What a joy for the furniture business!

ERP systems are already well established. In the back office, things are mostly fully automated. But what about the front office? There’s a great deal of catching up to do there. ‘VR and AR are becoming the most normal things in the world. They are already of decisive importance to the consumer now.’ That is the general tenor of -tig international white papers and research reports. The furniture industry is particularly suitable for an interactive customer journey.

That’s where Colijn IT comes into the picture with a new generation of software: iONE JS is an innovative ERP system with a 3D configuration platform in a single package. Collections are visualised interactively via a 3D product configurator, a 3D Room Planner, Augmented Reality plus photorealistic 2D images. This makes the iONE JS your smart digital assistant during the consumer’s online orientation phase, right through to the sales process in the physical shop. The software can be implemented in multiple settings, on your website and on the shop floor for example, where it serves as the salesperson’s right hand. You can show the consumer everything realistically: what will the configured model look like? How will it fit into their interior? What about the available walking space? This is a convincing tool which prevents disappointments later on. Questions about the price and delivery time are answered immediately, without the need for research and calculations.

So iONE JS is a comprehensive solution: the ERP system (back office) inclusive of a 3D configuration platform (front office). That means real-time information everywhere for all those directly and indirectly involved, internally and externally. It connects the information streams and coordinates business processes between manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Collections, prices, stocks, delivery times, service cases, finances and so on are known about and dealt with in no time. It really can be that easy and efficient.

The official release of iONE JS will take place during the Brussels Furniture Fair. The motto: ‘The new way of working in the home furnishings sector’. What does this mean for you? What will your shop look like? You can experience this live at the fair. It’s sure to prompt you to make this efficient, digital catch-up manoeuvre right now.