Modulair en solitair

The latest news at De Eekhoorn is branching in two different directions.

Modular wall cabinets on the one hand, and stand-alone pieces on the other. Either way, these will be defining features in your interior.

Take the wall cabinet ranges. The vtwonen Modulair is the epitome of minimalist design. Sleek, smooth and compact. The finely crafted construction is finished in matt oak veneer with a vertical grain pattern. The range consists of just six modules; the lower elements can be stacked.

Basu from WOOOD Exclusive speaks a totally different design language: an alternative interpretation of the Scandinavian style. The plain fronts are interrupted by sizeable, semi-circular handle trims. These cabinet-high profiles transition into cabinet-deep support profiles. On the tall cabinet, the handle trim is positioned asymmetrically. The Scandinavian influence is apparent in the solid pine. The trendy approach has led to finishes such as dust (misty grey), moss (mossy green) and mud (green-brown). Plus as an extra, a marble-look insert on the TV sideboard. Both living room ranges are 100% Dutch Furniture, as they are designed and made in Zwaag, North Holland (NL).

Among the stand-alone pieces, the Smooth dining table and Tiwa armchair particularly stand out. The design falls into the ‘blown-up’ category: the oversized tripod beneath the table, and the giant contours of the armchair. Soloists like this are designed to be the focal point of the space.