Timeless core values

Vandenberghe has been making furniture since 1857, or for six generations.

A number of things have never changed, such as the made-to-measure (option), the local production under one roof, the traditional craftsmanship and the 100% specialisation in sustainable oak. These core values are timeless, now more than ever! The exclusively European oak has PEFC certification, and all pieces boast the HIB label: Handmade in Belgium. The latest branch on the furniture trunk is Robu, the table and chair brand.

The age-old core values have been updated with modern production techniques, and the collections with contemporary designs. A typical example is the Wave cabinet. Why a name like this for such an anti-organic, minimalist cabinet? Where does it come from? The answer is simple: Wave alludes to the undulating grain of the oak that runs across the entire width of the cabinet. Across all doors, across all drawers, without interruption. The misleading name ultimately focuses your attention on the natural characteristics of the oak. That was precisely the intention – also if the cabinet is made to measure.

The Taku chair is part of the Robu brand. Its ergonomic design goes hand in hand with a technical illusion. The round wood arm and leg appear to be curved, but are milled from a single piece of solid oak. In January 2023, Robu was launched for distribution through conventional furniture stores. The collection consists of solid oak (coffee) tables, chairs and benches. Here too, made-to-measure versions are possible.

The Amba cabinet is a classic that is now experiencing a comeback. The framed doors, outjutting central section, cornice and plinth are traditional, while the soft-close hinges are firmly contemporary.

Talking of cabinets: a 210-cm height looks great, but is logistically tricky. That’s why Vandenberghe has come up with a handy solution. The cabinet can be assembled within 20 minutes! Exactly how this works is hard to explain. It’s something you need to see.

Branded or not, the firm is distancing itself from mass production and throwaway culture. The pieces are made to last for generations.