A good night’s sleep

The design expresses ultimate, natural tranquillity.

It is reminiscent of pebbles or stacked Zen stones. You dream of a babbling brook, a Japanese garden or a deserted beach. All appropriate associations. Petra is an island for sitting and sleeping, unique in the world of sofa beds.

The stack of ‘stones’ acts as a free-standing back/armrest. You can put it anywhere. If you remove it, then you can lift up the upper, flat ‘stone’ to reveal the sofa bed concealed beneath. In a single, fluid movement, the bed is ready to use, complete with a bedside table with storage space. The flat ‘stone’ now stands upright like a protective wall, screening off your sleeping space.

The sitting and sleeping comfort is as soft as the look is ‘hard’. This is a sure sign of a Dienne. Petra is upholstered with a loose (fabric) cover – a must for the rental market, holiday homes and individual homes alike. With this seating and sleeping island, you truly make a statement in your interior.

The Bob model is once again a(n) (a)typical sofa bed. What sets it apart is its soft retro look, with the arms and base flowing into one another. A decorative seam accentuates the organic contouring. The backrest can be adjusted in two dimensions and two settings, giving you two back heights and two seat depths. The bed is 210 cm long and between 70 and 160 cm wide. Bob is clearly a typical Dienne.