Technical – aesthetic

A technical tour de force, more impressive modular ranges, a nod to the past, and a focus on what’s going on now.

The Mecam group has not stood still.

The most important news at Mecam is of a technical nature. The Puma and Qubo modular ranges now offer a reclining solution that is quite unique. A compact Herz-Waage in combination with the Wall-Away! The heart-in-balance setting and its advantages are well known. But do you have enough free space for the sofa, or do you first need to free some up? Normally, when lying in this position you are extending a long way into the room. But Mecam has now neutralised this drawback by compressing the Herz-Waage mechanism. This saves both space and sliding! This reclining function is now much more attractive and accessible. It is compatible with all Puma and Qubo seats. What’s more, both ranges excel when it comes to the sheer number of elements available. The choice is enormous.

This time, Neostyle is focusing on the look and feel. The Stone model is especially appealing to the young at heart. It’s a real winner! Exclamations like ‘how lovely, sweet, cosy’ say enough. Retro and round are hot. You might not expect it, but Stone is a modular range. The design inspires you to make even more playful combinations. If you confine yourself to a single armrest, then its characteristic design is all the more striking.

The Sunny model is Stone’s sophisticated counterpart. The seat can be extended either manually or electrically. While the seat is voluminous, the frame is sleek and compact. The few vertical seams in the backrest are a nod to more classic styles. Sunny is designed as a three-piece suite. There are complementary armchairs available: a low ladies and a high gentleman’s armchair. And no modern range would be complete without a reclining armchair option too.

The trendy, high-pile upholstery runs through all the collections as a common thread. Fabrics like this chime with the nostalgic zeitgeist, the yearning for ‘old-fashioned’ cosiness.