Efficiency first

How can you satisfy your customers?

By working efficiently: from production to marketing strategy. It’s all about profitability for the retailer. Altoni Leather is an unpretentious family business: it is southern Italy’s second-largest furniture manufacturer, but who knew?

Although new models are introduced every month, the firm’s vast range remains manageable. This is because Altoni limits itself to two categories of leather (50 colours in total) and one category of fabric (more than 250 colours). A similar principle is applied to the reclining mechanisms: Altoni uses a maximum of two motors. Experience has shown that offering more is asking for trouble. The best thing is to keep it simple. This is more efficient for everyone in the company, and equally important on the shop floor. The network of dealers is set up in the same selective and results-oriented manner. “Regional exclusivity is the ideal way to make models profitable. We don’t have to stand on every street corner.”

Over a thirty-year period, Altoni has grown into one of the big players in the Altamura furniture region. The lean-and-mean family firm has resolutely kept all production in-house. In early October, a fourth factory complex of 13,000 m2 was put into use. The latest laser cutting machines for fabric and leather have been purchased for this. This degree of investment heralds a promising future!