Made-to-measure duo

Two made-to-measure specialists from the Netherlands have found one another.

And they are presenting themselves in Brussels for the first time. They complement each other perfectly. One’s strength is in seating, the other above all in cabinets and tables. What connects them? Their passion for the furniture maker’s trade and their eye for detail. Together they stand for Dutch-designed and custom-made interiors.

Puuur Interiors is the premium brand for wall furnishings, (coffee) tables, wardrobes, columns, wall panels and more, with the option of made-to-measure. In everything you notice the company’s origins: the furniture paint shop for the industry became a furniture workshop for the retail market. The bespoke work ranges from customised pieces to custom-made interiors. The standard collection offers plenty of scope to configure according to preference. The Cinewall works with dimensions that range from ‘queen’ to ‘imperial size’, from 280 to 500 cm. You can build in a stove. Do you see that the inset boxes have an integrated LED spotlight? The diamond-shaped coffee table combines the typical facets with an exclusive matt metal finish. All pieces are finished in the in-house paint shop with a two-component lacquer. You recognise the company’s roots in this.

DF Design stands for Dutch Furniture Design. Their area of expertise is tailor-made seating comfort for the B2B customer. Models serve as an initial starting point. Take the upholstery, for example: DF Design does not have its own fabric collection. The customer can select from the ranges of all upholstery manufacturers and suppliers. In terms of style, the models can be described as ‘timeless modern’. Would you prefer a different seating comfort, different stitching or another stylistic element? Not a problem: the made-to-measure possibilities are endless. Would you like to adjust the seat height, depth and/or breadth? Or to choose a different leg? Does the individual dealer or a purchasing organisation want a private label on a sofa? All of these are among the made-to-measure possibilities. In fact, the customer is more than king.