More or less white

Is white a colour or not?

In any case, it conjures up a multitude of associations. White is pure, noble, and chic. It symbolises a fresh start, a positive feeling. White is neutral and comes in many different shades. It functions as a blank canvas on models and in the interior.

This new furniture season, Richmond Interiors is focusing on the various shades of white: from snow white to off-white to cream and beige. Your attention is automatically drawn to the design, materials and textures. The Davina sofa illustrates how exclusive characteristics stand out more distinctively. The back and seat have an asymmetrical surface division, and the Fusion Cream fabric is richly structured.

The Bloomstone dining table also has an asymmetrical design. It is set on three column legs, and finished with a thin, snow-white, all-over plaster coating. The Renegade upholstery on the hospitality-focused bench seat and chairs creates a warmer, natural contrast.

In any case, natural materials and colours such as light marbles are now totally hot again. For the La Cantera table collection and the Madiq lamp bases, matt polished travertine is used. It appears in both the kidney-shaped tabletop and the bars around the base.

The interior would not be a ‘Richmond’ without a magnificent eye-catcher. The Collada coffee table stands in the space like a golden diamond. Its sparkling is subtly tempered by the ‘brushed gold’ finish of the metal facets.

The new collections showcase the many shades and derivatives of white. White is like a blank canvas. It is the people who create the colour in the blank interior.