Floor Fashion

A rug on the floor can work wonders in your interior.

The colours, textures, weaving techniques and materials set the tone. At Carpet Creations you have abundant choice. The latest collections are mainly about special effects.

Avanza Flatweave has a Chanelesque look. The inimitable colour gradient allows the multiple colours to shine through. How does that work? The trick is the gradient yarn! The colours segue from yellow to pink to purple, in light and dark tones. You can clearly see the effect in the fringes: every yarn changes colour. Weaving with a gradient yarn produces a different colour pattern every time. So every carpet is unique.

Capri illustrates the new coconut trend. What a contrast to the traditional plain natural coconut or sisal rugs! Capri is enlivened with an asymmetrical design: a free interpretation and fusion of fashionable chequers. Capri combines a Scottish tartan with broad stripes and narrow lines. The mix of ecru, grey and black creates alternating patches of colour.

Basket Weave plays with plaiting strips à la Fröbel. Making mats or baskets from strips of paper was a regular feature in many of our childhoods. This carpet sees the plaited pattern interwoven and set diagonally.

Cube is reminiscent of knotted Smyrna carpets. They were once hugely popular in interiors and as a DIY hobby. In this case, the yarn is extremely thick and angular. The visual effect is of a wild landscape with a scattered jumble of boulders. Fortunately, these are made of wool felt, so feel great on your feet. Good to know: all carpets from Carpet Creation bear the social GoodWeave quality mark. This means, among other things, that they combat illegal child labour and forced labour throughout the production chain.