One-stop lighting

The German firm Trio Lighting Group will be attending the Brussels Furniture Fair for the first time.

Flying under the Trio flag are the lighting brands Trio, Cinque, Reality, and Trio Select, as well as Mirrors and More. In short, it’s all about one-stop-shopping for decorative lighting, mirrors and more. Unburdening retailers is a central part of this. Would you like a shop-in-the-shop, or point-of-sale material for your shop floor? Just say the word…

The key question is: what does the Trio group have to offer? First and foremost, a differentiated range of lighting fixtures.

Cinque Lighting is the exclusive design collection licenced by the Italian fashion brand. This division is the epitome of the firm’s creative and innovative spirit. All series come equipped with the dim-to-warm function: if you dim the light intensity, then the colour of the light changes simultaneously from cold to warm white. You regulate this via a foot or wall switch. This has recently become even more intelligent via the ci-mote plug-in module: this allows the light intensity and colour to function independently of one another. You control them via the touch remote control or the (voice-controlled) WiZ App. You can programme lighting scenarios, set up personal profiles and so much more. Smart and simple!

The Trio Select division has only been in existence since March and offers an exclusive collection for physical lighting speciality stores and home-furnishing stores in the mid-market segment. This allows them to establish a profile and resist online competition. Thus all divisions complement one another to create an all-encompassing range of lighting up to the lower high-end segment.

There’s also Mirrors and More: mirrors, side tables and wall decoration. Here too the firm positions itself as a comprehensive supplier. It offers mirrors in all styles from baroque to design, for all spaces from bathroom to hall, and so on.

The following maxim applies in all cases ‘Turning down requests? That’s not an option.’