Inclusive eco-design

Tignum is one of the firms flying under the flag of the “Lodzkie Region”.

Its area of expertise is solid alder and pine. There are some outstanding solutions in its furniture range. Where else would you find a 270 cm-wide family bed? Or a child’s bedroom with braille options for partially sighted and blind children?

Tignum is committed to sustainability. This is apparent from its use of solid wood and ecological finishes such as wax, linseed oil and Bioola® wood stain – all LFGB certified. In any case, you are able to see the wood’s natural character. The design has also been conceived to last ‘for life’. Trends are outdated, hence the minimalistic design and adaptability.

The Dasos bedroom is the firm’s calling card. The Greek name means ‘forest’, thus evoking the purity of nature. The solid alder is awash with expressive knots, making each individual piece naturally unique. The beds work with the standard widths of 90 to 200 cm – plus special family sizes of 240 and 270 cm wide. Isn’t that wonderful?

The Animali child’s bedroom collection is without a doubt quite exceptional, if not unique of its kind. The solid wood pieces are decorated with colourful, wooden animals. A teddy bear peeps over the headboard, and a grinning crocodile crawls over the chest of drawers. A snake slithers across one wardrobe, whilst an elephant trumpets on another. Hedgehogs, owls, a giraffe, a sheep, a whale and a penguin are all featured. There are even clouds. The colourful, abstract figures are naturally decorative. They are also intended to stimulate your child’s creativity. If you grow tired of the animals, they can simply be unscrewed. But for blind and partially-sighted children, the animals serve as a tangible aid. They allow the child to explore the space and better recognise the individual pieces of furniture. Some animal panels have rows of holes in them. These allow you to make your own inscriptions in braille! This definitely deserves to be described as ‘inclusive design’!

To guarantee the quality, the furniture is produced entirely in-house. From the design and the drying of the wood, right up to the shipping, everything is done at a single location. Would you like an exclusive edition? This can be arranged from 15 pieces and over. The company has been in existence for more than 30 years, and began exporting in 2007. Tignum is exhibiting for the first time in Brussels to facilitate its Western European expansion.

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