Free dynamics

Organic designs can be conceived in different ways, from the sophisticated to the robust.

Kluskens surprises us at this year’s fair with the two opposites: minimal design versus neo-rustic. With this, the furniture workshop showcases its astonishing versatility.

Over the years, the design has become increasingly minimalistic and inventive. That’s why Kluskens has twice won a Balthazar Award, as well as achieving several nominations. The latest creation is the Organic table in solid oak or walnut. The support comprises two opposing elements. On one side there is an elongated, oval leg; on the other a slim, curved cheek. Both are fashioned from solid wood ─ taking the wood’s natural properties into account. (Exactly how, they’re not telling.) The tabletop has an atypical shape, without clearly delineated seating places. You can pull up a chair anywhere you like. This creates a new, free dynamic around the tables. There’s no longer someone sitting at ‘the head’ of the table, so everyone is equal. This makes Organic an exceptionally democratic table model. The tabletop is finished with an irresistibly soft edge. You unconsciously reach out and stroke its curves, and absent-mindedly continue.

Over the years, heavier pieces have more or less been cast aside. So it’s high time we revisited them. The Wild Spirit coffee table is characterized by erratic lines and heavy, solid volumes. It radiates primal strength, as though paying homage to nature. Despite its wild, rugged appearance, there is also a certain softness to the model. The tabletop snakes lithely through the space, like rolling hills or a river meandering through a landscape. Cutting across a sleek, straight-lined interior, the table creates a fresh dynamic in the seating area: lively and playful. For example, you can combine it with another coffee table, such as the circular Thick-Wood.

Both models are available in a variety of standard and custom sizes. There is also a wide range of wood types, processing options and finishes. One of the latest options is brushed oak in the matt, vintage Cervo Brown finish. You name it, Kluskens makes it.