The mysterious stand concept in Brussels revolved around the theme ‘Rational & Irrational’.

Give it a different finish and the design undergoes a complete metamorphosis, in terms of both look and feel. That was and is Metoda’s message. That’s why every design piece was presented in two standout finishes, showcased in contrasting interiors.

Metoda is a high-end design label from Croatia, offering tables, chairs and chests of drawers. The starting point is always wood and metal, but the end product can go in multiple directions. So what exactly does the ‘Rational & Irrational’ concept mean?

Rational alludes to the essence of every design. The design emphasises the natural aesthetic and quality of the oak. The woodgrain and patterns that have developed and grown over time.

Irrational alludes to the end product: the finish is a question of feeling, personal taste and creativity. The finish has a dramatic impact on the design. How do you interpret the initial concept? Do you want to emphasise its natural character, or make a colourful statement? Do you like things neutral and simple, or lively and striking? Hence the two looks for every design on the stand.

The original, pluriform design is created by Croatian designers such as Grupa, Numen/ForUse and Neisako. Each of them has their own signature, and makes their own mark on the label.

The Dimensia wall rack by Mladen Orešić is inspired by natural shapes (think pebbles) and rhythms. One side has a visually strong volume that connects the rounded shelves. This robust tower (with storage space) appears to cut through the shelves. On the other side, they are lightly supported by a diaphanous metal stand. This construction of opposites reinforces the airy, transparent impression of floating shelves.

The Potka sideboard by Neisako also features rounded but closed shapes. The oval sliding door cabinet is enveloped by a woven pattern of wooden slats and fabric. Here the contrast and dynamism of materials, colours, and horizontal and vertical patterns come into play.

So every chair, table and cabinet tells a different story.