Always just right

An architectonic design range here, a charming rural collection there, a classic or an industrial style.

Extra matt oak here, a white lacquered finish or the ‘Hoboken’ vintage look there. The common factor is customisation. What does the individual customer want? Kasaïs always finds a solution that is just right.

The Belgian family business works exclusively with superior oak from Romania’s Carpathian Mountains. The design attests to a graphic and architectural background. In that respect, the Iron collection is the company’s calling card. The slender metal frame of the tables runs diagonally across the floor, creating an exceptionally asymmetrical perspective. Space is both suggested and saved. For example, with the console the top does not run across the entire width.

The Sinop collection ties in with the organic interior trend. The dining table plays with harmonic contrasts in nature: there’s no mountain without a valley. The parabolic supporting structure suggests a closed ‘massif’ versus an open ‘valley’. Their positioning and angled stance optimise the legroom: a 260-cm table has space for 10 seats. In Brussels, the coffee tables were introduced. Their kidney-shaped tops are supported by oval uprights. The tension between the parallel and the perpendicular represents both open vistas and restricted views.

The New Rio range is a nod to the comeback and re-design of the Country House style. The white lacquered finish and black metal in the glass fronts chime perfectly with today’s interior trends.

In short, personalised craftsmanship is timeless, for all styles.