Indoor concept – outdoor design

Take a look beneath your tabletop a little more often.

Allow yourself to be surprised: by the design and the configuration of the legs. Who says you must always opt for symmetry? With Castle Line, you can quickly and easily put together your own table. It will be delivered to your home within two weeks. The indoor concept revolves around the less-is-more principle.

The table concept works with a single finish (natural oak) and two fixed sizes: 260 x 110 cm oval and 150 cm circular. For the base you can choose from an oval support, a conical column, and a semi-cylindrical leg. Now the combinations can begin. You can opt for two identical legs as standard. But an asymmetric combination of two different legs is equally possible. An oval support and a semi-cylindrical leg, why not?

The Panton table is separate from the oak customising concept: this model is made of acacia, with the option of a black or walnut finish. The open, organically styled supports look as though they have been sculpted!

All tabletops and legs are available from stock, meaning you will have them at home within two weeks. So that’s the indoor table news in a nutshell.

Modesto is an exceptional outdoor collection in wicker. For this, Castle Line has used an external designer – Cas Moor – for the first time. This high-end series tells the story of wicker: the timeless tradition and comeback, the added value of traditional craftsmanship, the artistic possibilities, and the focus on quality. All this comes together in an elegant design range with a unique plaited pattern in natural, soft shades. That too is Castle Line.