Did you see the Lee & Lewis stand?

With the Clara Mendosa collection as the big surprise? What a difference in tone compared to previous years and the rest! But there was also unexpected news to discover in the well-known collections. The common denominator? Extra options for now or later.

Starting with the well-known range: this is where the globalisation of design comes into play. How do you make a furniture range suitable for a wider, more international target market? All style and taste groups are being confronted with smaller budgets and living areas. So what does the Rafal table have in store? You can even convert the fixed table into a pull-out table yourself after purchase. The extension leaf can always be ordered later. You are not obliged to do this at the time of purchase. Did you not need an extendable model at the time? Or perhaps you didn’t have the budget? Who knows what the future might bring? You can choose the pull-out option now or later.

Then we come to the Clara Mendosa presentation: what a difference! On the one hand, Lee & Lewis’ complete living ranges; on the other, stand-alone furniture in oak, in a beautiful palette of colours ─ and with the option of customisation. Nothing special? Oh yes it is! Prices are available online for this customisation and a 10-week maximum delivery time applies. That’s not something you see every day. No need to wait for complicated price calculations and then look forward to the models being delivered for what feels like forever. Clara Mendosa is all about extra-fast, bespoke pieces. How does that work? Our secret…