A different ending …

Thick ends up being thin, straight ends up being round, high ends up being lower. This change of shape characterises PassePartout’s latest design. The biggest news is that the consumer is open to recycling.

The Bliss table is inspired by the contours of a surfboard, for example the round tail and the hydrodynamic thickness. The chamfered tabletop runs from four centimetres in the middle to two centimetres at the top. Here we are clearly looking at a 100% solid wood tabletop.

The name of the lounge armchair Plectrum alludes to its shape viewed from a bird’s or drone’s perspective. Back on the ground, you’re struck by its asymmetrical back. The two segments jump from back to arm height.

The Lotus sofa is a sleek cubist with a soft twist. All vertical lines end with a gentle rounding. This detail is only truly visible when you view the model from a slight distance. Or if you place two modules tight up against one another: the arms do not fit totally seamlessly together.

Last but not least, the upholstery makes the sofa. Bouclé fabrics are on trend, recycled PET yarns are an additional reason to embrace them. “Believe it or not, the consumer is now sensitive to this.” If that’s not a big step forward…