More stockings
Less steel

The latest beds showcase the feminine side of design. Originally the emphasis was on ‘Steel’, now it is on ‘Stockings’.

However the idiosyncratic character will never change. Otherwise you would never be able to come up with a ladder model like this.

What is a bed without a bedside table and lighting? The alternative is the Toto: a metal ladder with totem pole allure. This free-standing piece sits adjacent to the wall. At the height of the steps, a plank is affixed in beech multiplex or rubberwood. At the top of the ladder a lamp shines. This has the look of a ship’s bell. The cable is neatly concealed inside one of the ladder’s side rails.

Beside the Toto you catch a glimpse of the bed. The Rising Sun headboard is a prime example of the feminine, softer touch. Glistening in the fabric are miniscule bling-bling flecks, a hint at ‘a girl’s best friend’? The effect is to make the entire bed more chic and more luxurious. The same is true of the new metal finish Macchiato. The Madonna footstool illustrates how two opposites interact: the sturdier the format, the softer the silhouette.

The collection now comprises 14 beds. The look of the steel and the combination with robust wood, natural leather or luxurious fabrics determine the mood: making it more or less rugged/refined.