Cool head

A healthy night’s sleep comes down to a mix of factors, including your pillow. Is this given the attention it deserves?

In any case, Mahoton will be placing the CoCo Cooling health pillow in de spotlight. The added value of this new product is mainly thanks to the latest generation of Outlast® 3D.

This material is made up of two layers of micro capsules, separated by a 3D textured fabric. This airy filling enhances the thermal effect of Outlast®. Excessive sweat condenses extra fast and the micro capsules remain permanently active. That means an improvement in the thermal regulating capacities: fluctuations in body temperature and sweat are flattened out to a constant level. The cover of the CoCo Cooling pillow is made of Outlast® 3-D. Your body stays at a constant temperature throughout the night. In fact, your head acts as a thermostat for your whole body. A cool heat, a cool feeling across your whole body…

The core of the pillow consists of 100% natural rubber (hence ‘CoCo’). It is well known that this guarantees ergonomic support with minimal pressure points. Muscles can relax optimally; nerve pathways do not become jammed and so can function optimally. The CoCo Cooling health pillow can be supplied in a variety of heights and firmnesses.