Not a side show but the main event

Ereganto has been created out of admiration for architect and designer John Pawson.

Crest has translated his minimalist architecture into a purist furniture range. A detail is not a side show, but in fact the main event.

Ereganto’s finesse is best discovered at close quarters. A close-up of the corners reveals the three-dimensional mitre joint. The inset doors and the top fit seamlessly into one another, regardless of which side you view the piece from. This apparent detail is the essence of the design, namely the consistent, gossamer-fine lineation.

You also see this principle in the linear perspective of the veneer: the horizontal direction of the woodgrain runs uninterruptedly through into the fronts and returns on the sides.

Even the levelling of the cabinet has been technically and aesthetically perfected. A metal frame is invisibly incorporated beneath and partly inside the cabinet. Both longitudinal profiles contain a number of adjusters, depending upon the length of the cabinet.

This streamlined aesthetic creates a restful sense of light and space.