Outdoor? Indoor!

The sleeker modelling and upholstery of Dora go hand in hand with more size options. You have a manually adjustable seat (plus/minus eight cm) and the choice of three seat heights (18 – 22 cm).

This comes down to a variation of twelve centimetres. What’s more, you can adjust the width of the (corner) sofa per 10 cm, based on the desired seating space and the available living space.

The detachable headrest can be placed behind any seat on the sofa you choose. The armrests can be folded down, flat enough to stretch out on the sofa. Ideal for power napping and couch surfing.

This description of Dora concludes with an unusual anecdote. The Neostyle team fell head-over-heels in love with a specific fabric. Sadly this turned out to be an outdoor fabric. Ultimately it was reworked into an indoor grade that breathes and is pleasing to the touch. Otherwise it still complies with all the usual outdoor norms (colour fastness, wear resistance, etc.)