Zen massage 2.0

Forget the ‘heavy-handed’ vibrating massage.

Here is a new generation massage armchair: both the technique and the design have been rigorously perfected. After a year of development, including nine months of testing, everything is set for the premiere, on 6 November in Brussels.

A chance meeting during a flight set this product development in train. The result is the hot news at Modulax: “a new generation of massage armchairs”.
So forget the vibrating roll massage. Instead, think of inflatable lumbar cushions. You take a seat, switch on one of the programmes, choose the intensity and speed of the massage — and enjoy a beneficial relaxation for your body and mind.

A welcome bonus is the look of the armchair. The integrated massage technology is so wafer thin that the back and seat cushion can be considerably lighter. What a contrast to the classic, heavy massage armchairs. What’s more, this new technology is incredibly quiet, because the so-called ‘whispering’ vibration motors are no longer required. With the title ‘new generation’ Modulax is right on the mark.

The other news concerns the introduction of dining room chairs and bar stools (2 heights). These are primarily presented with leather upholstery, which is pretty exceptional in this segment. The chairs match the bar stools, and have the same details and design. These are responding to customer demand. They transform the open kitchen, dining and sitting room into a harmonious living space.