Convex versus hollow

The organic trend has multiple gradations, from a rounded corner to 3D convex contours, from a subtle curve to a major bend.

If you set your sofa on stiletto feet then you get an elegant model like Clipper. If you cut a crescent moon out of a full moon, then you get a playful model like Lunar.

Clipper falls into the ‘subtle 3D organic’ category. The backrest and armrest are slightly bulbous, and all lines and corners are gently rounded. The corner element is achieved with a concave bend. In the chaise longue the organic design truly comes into its own, with the silhouette unfolding in a single fluid movement. The fabric makes the sofa. Indeed, the chenille is brightened up with an abstract, relief design on the base. This immediately lends the sofa an exclusive look and feel.

Lunar is in a completely different category. The circular seat feels as if it has been hollowed out. The free space transforms Lunar into an alternative model. In any case, the contours of the pouffe and of the seating elements fit in with one another. Convex fits into hollow, hollow encircles convex. This invites you to play with the pieces: this way or that, or something different entirely?