What a back!

This (reclining) model demands a different perspective.

When you look at it from a different angle, you are impressed by its sleek backrest construction. The design disguises and envelops the reclining comfort. Original details make a subtle difference. This model deserves a place in the centre of the room. What a back! Doesn’t it look great?

The usual dividing lines between the back and armrests have disappeared. They are enclosed by and covered with a ‘collar’; its points end on the sides of the sofa. This upholstery feels like an embrace. Nothing suggests that this is a reclining sofa. The arm and backrests are set and always remain in a single horizontal line, regardless of the seating or reclining position. When you activate the reclining function, then you lie ‘deep in the collar’ protected in a nest. On the outside, nothing changes: the recliner is recessed into the carcass of the sofa, and never sticks out above the upholstery, the ‘collar’. The headrests are optional and are manually or electrically adjustable.

The separate upholstery on the back gives the option of working with bi-colours and/or bi-materials. Matheo can also be 100% personalised, based on the premium Rom1961 tailor-made concept. The upholstery materials include a new microfibre with a surprising look and feel of leather. Plus a trendy bouclé of recycled PET bottles.