Table variations

Nests of tables, side and coffee tables, console, bedside, dining and work tables.

Square, circular, rounded, organic, in all sizes, materials and styles, with or without twist or pull-out systems. With Akante there are multiple tables to choose from, as many as you like. The same applies to the range of lamps and chairs. There are simply too many to list. So here is a selection from the coffee and side table collection.

Drop starts with a drop-shaped glass base and ends with a metal capsule and circular tabletop. With the green glass, the metal is bronze-coloured, and with the grey smoked glass, it is finished in black lacquer.

The latest collection of nesting tables and coffee tables is a variation on the ‘ceramic in metal’ theme. The solid, ceramic tabletops (11 cm thick) are surrounded by a metal band. The collections mainly differ in terms of the shape of the tabletops and supports.
With Capri the tabletop is shaped like a rounded triangle, with Monza like a kidney or bean, and with Capri it is comprised of an enclosed surface.
The marble look and the finish of the metal is identical in both series. You have the choice of three marble patterns: Onyx Blue, the light Calcatta and the dark Marquina. The steel band is available in bronze-look or black lacquer, and the legs are always black.

This is just a fraction of the extensive range. You name it, Akante has it.