400 rhythms

Made-to-measure has become the norm.

The compromise between one-on-one bespoke work and serial production is a modular concept. For Michel Denolf this is a new method to meet the individual needs of customers. The kick-off was the living room programme Ritmo. Given the response, the concept has been carried through to the home office.

Ritmo alludes to the rhythmic structure of the ribbed cabinet doors. The rounded edges make them seem never-ending. Where does it stop?

The collection consists of a range of cabinets, from sideboards to a library. Depending upon the type of cabinet, you choose the desired width of the basic module. You fill in this ‘box’ with open and/or closed elements, with smooth or ribbed doors. You can cover the lower cabinets with a marble top.

Do you opt to put the sideboard on a retro, metal support, or would you prefer to hang it on the wall? With its 250x45x230 dimensions, the library cabinet stands on the floor.

All in all, there are 400 cabinet variations available with Ritmo. To complete the home office, there is a compact, open-based desk measuring 160 x 80 cm. The drawer unit and the support are finished in the same rhythmic ribbed profile.