The latest concept promotes you to co-designer of your own bed.

With the architectonic modules, you build and rebuild your ideal headboard/headboard panel. Flexibility is the key, now and later. Will you opt for basic or deluxe, for bed-width or room-width, for open or cosy?

Kreamat markets Pan as a spatial concept that grows with you: it can always be adjusted. The starting point is a smooth, floating headboard panel. The smallest size is exactly the same width as the bed, a classic headboard format. If you have more space, you can go to a maximum width of 274 cm. The grid size is 10 cm. You can expand the sleek headboard panel with side elements to create a bay-window construction (the Pan 24/7). This straight away gives you the sensation of being embraced and secure.

Once the headboard panel is 92 cm wider than the bed, you have sufficient space for accessories such as floating oak bedside tables with an electromagnetic induction point for cordless smartphone charging. The LED lighting features USB ports.

The accompanying minimalistic box spring bed with its mini-stretch pocket springs is of course fitted with Kreamat’s patent shoulder technology.