The Future is Furnature?

Furnature is truly not a typo, but a very apt play on words.

It summarises what the Brussels Furniture Fair 2023 is aiming for, i.e. what the industry is all about. We asked CEO Glenn De Maeseneer to talk us through this new campaign visual.

“We started the new season with the development of a fresh and colourful campaign visual that features a strong contemporary and future-focused story with the core elements of the furniture and design business. This is a complex concept that cannot be encapsulated in a single image. That’s why we deliberately chose moving images in order to launch a campaign that will stay engraved on the memory, that will create a fun experience, and that can be carried through into the halls of our trade fair floor and beyond.”
The Future is Furnature is thought-provoking, inviting an exchange of opinions and discussions. That’s why the Furniture Fair is introducing the ECO-stories label. “This label fits perfectly into our narrative and is primarily designed to allow the sector to share experience and know-how. Communication is the key to every success. The art is to find the balance within that between physical and digital. On the one hand, we have this BRUSSELS FURNITURE afFAIR Blog; on the other hand we will be publishing a free newspaper this year during the fair designed to inform the visitor in an informal and efficient way about how they can get even more out of their visit. Themes come to the surface here such as the ‘shop of tomorrow’ concept, ‘design academy’, eco stories etc. (More of which later.)
But now we want to give you a state of play. So how is the fair doing? Very nicely! Five of the seven halls are fully booked, which has not been the case since 2017. Around 3/4 of last year’s exhibitors are returning this year. Brussels by Night continues to build on the momentum from last year’s turnaround. One striking thing is that several exhibitors are returning after a period of absence, including Leda Collection, Nill Spring, Calia, Hukla-Polipol, Haarhuis & Jansen. What’s truly exceptional is a marked increase in the number of exhibitors from Scandinavia, with the following newcomers: Ecolife Beds, Dan-Form, Tenzo, Innovation Living and Torpe.”
Things are looking promising for November!