Circular changes

In 2021, Revor introduced its first 100% circular mattress.

The Circular was then instantly rewarded with the Balthazar Innovation Award. So how is it going now? How much value does the consumer attach to an ecologically responsible mattress? Do they find ‘100% circular’ a decisive argument? Revor has learnt from experience and research that with sleeping comfort, things are different to what it expected,.

The first conclusion: the shopping consumer is focused on sleeping comfort. Their primary goal is a new mattress that is perfect to lie on. The fact that it’s circular is definitely something that interests them. But do they take this into account when making their purchasing decision? This is when the price comes into play, because the Circular is 20-30% more expensive than the conventional pocket spring mattress. Climate change is a fact, but whether this will lead to a change in mentality, a change in behaviour, remains to be seen. This will take time. Some consumers are prepared to pay more for ‘100% circular’, but not everyone wants to or is able to do this. For this group of consumers, Revor has developed more accessible alternatives: the Circular Latex and Visco mattresses. Just like the Circular Original, these can be completely dismantled into separate waste streams. The difference is that the foams and not suitable for re-use in mattresses (unlike the other materials). However the foams can be recycled for other interior products such as filling for furniture, carpet underlay and insulation materials. In any case, these two derivative mattresses represent a big step in the right direction for a wider audience. When they reach the end-of-life stage, they don’t end up on the mattress waste mountain, which means enormous environmental gains. Recycling is always better than burning.

That’s why Revor is actively working towards using exclusively circular covers for all mattresses in its range. ‘Better today than tomorrow’, although the switch will take time.

The Circular Original is of course the dream ideal: just two mono materials that can be reused ‘as new raw materials’. In the meantime, the mattress has been perfected, with the circularity and sleeping comfort better aligned. In addition, the ‘Circular Softtech’ has also been launched, featuring an extra layer of mini pocket springs on top of the circular mattress core. This results in better zone distribution and body support.

Revor expressly distances itself from greenwashing. The circularity claim is transparent for everyone thanks to the Niaga®-label. Simply scan the QR code and you can see the product passport: where do the various raw materials come from, how do you return the mattress, and what happens after that?

Since 2021 a great deal has changed. Consumers are familiar with QR codes, and are aware of climate problems and more sustainable alternatives. “Sooner or later, our niche product is certain to become mainstream. The throwaway culture is on the wane. Re-use, preferably without loss of quality, is the future.”