Fibreglass x aluminium

The portfolio has been expanded with exclusive acquisitions.

In Brussels, Haarhuis & Jansen will be introducing a Limited Edition box spring bed from Sweden, and a sleeping comfort collection from Switzerland, among others.

DOC is chiefly known under the brand name Philrouge. In the range, you will find the latest generation of slatted bases. This represents a revolutionary development in the genre. The Philrouge Stream base is marketed as smart, high-tech, and more ergonomically and ecologically responsible. No wood is used. The slats are made of fibreglass, and the frame of aluminium. What’s more, these slats are straight (not curved). They thus offer uniform flexibility and ergonomic support across their whole length. The slats are individually adjusted using a smart measuring system. Self-evidently you can adjust their height (9 settings!) and firmness – and even shift their horizontal position. This exclusive Floating Zone System controls the distance between the slats: the zoning is tailored to the individual physique. The final argument is about durability: fibreglass and aluminium are resistant to UV rays and moisture. So they do not suffer from rust, rot or warping. The Philrouge Stream therefore has a considerably longer lifespan than a conventional wooden slatted base. This is wholly in tune with ‘Brussels’: the European Parliament’s draft resolution to make products last longer. This exclusive fibreglass and aluminium base dates from 2019 and is only now available on the Benelux market. It was worth the wait.

The other exclusive offering is the Adelsö box spring from Viking Beds of Sweden: a Limited ‘Leather’ Edition of 100. The linen fabric is combined with leather upholstery on the base, around the feet and on the headboard. The leather comes from Tärnsjö, a high-end tannery and saddlery. You’ll find the number under the mattress. First come, first served…