A peanut or mega-sized?

Sumisura’s crazy ideas are beyond your wildest dreams.

A table in shapes ranging from the commonplace to the bizarre. Would you like to dine or work in your favourite city or holiday destination? Sumisura has made all its tables in the shape of provinces and islands. Are you wild about peanuts or a certain type of fruit? Perhaps you’d prefer to stick to a normal tabletop shape, but then in an extremely large size? Your only limits are the dimensions of the HPL board. Otherwise, you can really let rip.

You can choose from more than 250 HPL finishes, metal bases in a range of designs and finishes, including all RAL colours. The tension between what is technically possible and practically desirable is something to consider. You need to keep things realistic. The base must be able to bear the weight of the tabletop. The proportions need to work.

To help you on your way, the most commonly requested made-to-measure tables can be found in the online configurator. Everyone can begin there. If you want something different, you can always start working out a design yourself.

One thing that might confuse you is the name: Sumisura is Italian for ‘made-to-measure’, but the firm is from the Netherlands.