The eternal revival

Can a coating provide a solution to those mountains of waste?

As a sustainable design concept? As the refurbishing medium for furniture and interiors? In short, revival is a never-ending eco-story.

The coating is made from waste streams such as concrete, leather, jeans, and wine corks. The discarded materials are recycled, ground and mixed with a (top secret) bio-based binder. These can be fitted to almost any base: foam, wood, leather, you name it. Plastic and glass are more difficult. Monobloc sofas do not need upholstering, as the coating can be applied to these directly. Damaged pieces of furniture can be refurbished with a new coating, time and time again.

The coating is endlessly applicable, especially in the contract and hospitality market. It is available in a range of qualities: supple and soft, or rigid and rock-hard; indoor or outdoor-proof; resistant to chemicals; suitable for normal, intensive or heavy use. You can literally use it to finish any shape and all sizes. You are not confined to furniture components or industrial dimensions. The sky’s the limit. A whole world is opening up for you, and that world will be more sustainable.

The high-end coating will be marketed under the Dutch brand name ‘Herleven’ [Revive]. The product is a co-production from the Lithuanian firm Prustitas and the Dutch partner Cooloo Endless Life®. In Brussels you can catch a glimpse of its endless possibilities.