Forward-thinking seating

Innovation Living was at the Brussels Furniture Fair for the first time.

And they were immediately awarded the Brussels Balthazar Award in the ‘Best International’ category for their Nolis daybed. The eco-label Tenksom was equally interesting. Its mission is ‘one seat in the right direction’, and it gives the firm a future advantage.

Tenksom is Danish for ‘mindful’. Freely translated, ‘rethinking’ would also be a fitting rendition. We need to consume and produce differently, more sustainably. ‘As a manufacturer, it is our duty to optimise our products for a long lifecycle. In everything, we must strive for sustainability, dismantling and recycling – without sacrificing functionality, comfort, quality and aesthetics.’

All models in the Tenksom collection have loose covers. Most fabrics carry the Öko-tex label. These are partially or 100% made from recycled materials such as plastic or wool. For logistics, Tenksom can take advantage of Innovation Living’s decades-long experience. ‘At a logistics level, we have succeeded in reducing our C02 emissions by 30%.’

But what is truly special, perhaps even unique, is that three models have Nordic Swan label certification! This Scandinavian eco-label falls into the Type I category according to the ISO14024 standard. It takes the entire lifecycle of a product into account. What is the impact on the climate and environment? The product must also meet strict requirements in terms of function and quality. The warranty and spare parts availability are also considered. Above all, is the product easy to repair or to have repaired? In March 2023, the EU submitted the ‘right to repair’ proposal. The Nordic Swan is ahead of the game in this. That’s why Tenskom is offering a 10-year guarantee on the wooden frames.

So is Tenksom an idealistic concept or a realistic collection? ‘The large chains have already started making changes. They know what’s coming down the track. They are definitely open to more sustainable alternatives. So we are launching Tenksom at the right moment. We are going in the right direction, step by step. But we haven’t got there yet…’