Managed in house

Equilli has carried out upgrades at a rapid pace. And in multiple areas: design, mechanics – and last but not least, delivery times.

To begin with, the quality of the electrically adjustable box springs has been further optimised. Equilli has switched from a dual motor to two linear actuators. These are much stronger, and can bear a person’s full weight. If the foot end is in a raised position, you can comfortably sit on it. It’s also possible to stand on it to replace a ceiling lightbulb – although that’s not really the point. After all, a bed is not a step.

What’s more, the motor construction is entirely concealed. The steel frame is fully integrated into the box, and the motor block is invisibly mounted. At first glance, you no longer see a difference between an adjustable and a flat box spring. The characteristic fixed base is a thing of the past.

Last but not least: Equilli has recently begun managing the production of the box springs itself. This means that it has greater control of the quality and supplies — and consequently the delivery times. The latter is a real asset these days.