PLUS factors

M line and Cool Motion are closely linked.

This unique mattress line currently has eight variants. During the Brussels Furniture Fair, updates were showcased in the areas of ergonomics, sleeping comfort and ecology.

The ergonomic zoning has been improved in several respect. In the hip zone, the indentations have been made shallower, whilst in the shoulder zone they are deeper and more extensive. What is more, the shoulder zone has been moved more to the end: ideal for those who sleep on their side. These improvements are underpinned by anthropometric measurements on more than 6000 people, and tests on different mattresses.

From now on, the foam in the top layer is being treated with Aqua Cool spray. This breathable – water-based! – coating ensures better temperature conductivity. It cools down to maintain the ideal temperature.

The main textile innovations come from the Swiss HeiQ. First of all, the HeiQ Cool technology that provides both direct contact cooling and continuous evaporation cooling. At the first sign of sweating, the fabric cools down, slows heat build-up, and continuously regulates the temperature. The effect is a constantly cool, dry and comfortable sleeping climate. You experience a 3° C cooler fabric temperature. Secondly, there is the HeiQ Allergen tech that helps reduce the impact of dust mites and other allergens.

The new mattress cover is made from a 100% PES stretch fabric, so it is easy to recycle. Appearances matter too. So the ticking has been given a facelift in the M line house style: orange for the ornamental band, dark blue for the 3D mesh and the zip. Although the zip pull and the end stop are made of metal, they can be removed with a magnet for recycling. All’s well that ends well!

Finally, Simmons has become part of DBC International. This French acquisition was showcased in Brussels in grand style.