So they are here… And they’re putting on quite a show!

Hang on a minute, no Passe Partout in Brussels? That’s not possible?

Too right! So walk straight on for a while, take the first corridor on the left, another left at the crossroads, and walk right down to the dead end. And there you have it: Wow! Fabulous! What a stand, vibe and so much more.

Passe Partout has moved to a new 1100 m2 stand in Hall 4. The façade of more than 50 metres long invites you to step inside. You can wander around endlessly, and taste and smell the ambience. You’ll see a mix of good old evergreens, new releases and improved remasters.

At Passe Partout, the well-known 80-20 rule translates as 80-40: 80% of the turnover is achieved with 40% of the models. Now they all get the exposure they deserve. The Passe Partout Top 15 takes up 2/3 of the stand. The rest of the space is dedicated to new models such as the Bombino. Its rounded design is as amorphous and abstract as the 1970s Barbapapa family. This is the perfect sofa to cuddle up on with a book, your kids or your partner.

The stylish Boombastic chiefly stands out for its fantastic seating comfort: a combination of No-sag springs, pocket springs and memory foam. This model works well when it has space to shine. Both ranges feature the new, 45-degree corner element. Thanks to the bevelled front, it becomes a fully functional seat with ample legroom. This quasi-diagonal angle is at the centre of the sofa, so offers an open view of the living space.

Existing models such as the Medusa, Lotis and the Lux (outdoor) are ‘remastered’. The proportions have been ergonomically perfected: a slightly higher backrest here, a lower arm and a shorter seat there. The dimensions of the very latest model in the range have been adapted to fit the smaller living phenomenon. This 80 cm seating element is seeing a phased introduction in multiple ranges.
For Passe Partout, 2023 is the year of the bigger stand and its 25th anniversary. On Tuesday evening, 7 November, it’s party time. DJ Dirk will be behind the decks (reservation required).