Smarter is more

A smart extendable table, a smart lounge sofa.

In both cases, smarter equals simplified multifunctionality. This is the common thread that links the Haku table and the Magic modular sofa by Modulax.

At the push of a button, the Haku table slides open. The extension leaf appears and rises up automatically. The leaves slide seamlessly together to create a long table. With no need to pull or stretch, anyone can extend the table or make it smaller again. This deserves the ‘inclusive’ label. Young and old, big and small, people with physical disabilities: all can operate the table without difficulty. Smart is handy, but safety must come first, so the Haku is fitted with safety functions. The moment the table detects ‘something strange’, it stops automatically. Dropped something? Nothing can end up being clamped between the leaves. Little hands grabbing at things they shouldn’t? The table has a child lock.

The Haku table runs on a battery, like those used for reclining systems. This only needs charging once every three months. The smart table is a project in progress. To be continued.

With the Magic modular sofa, smarter equals a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing solution. The seat depth/backrest is electrically and ‘invisibly’ adjustable. The typical notches and mechanics in the seat are nowhere to be seen. This greatly improves the piece’s attractiveness. The seat is entirely covered with a thick layer of memory foam, making the entire sofa deliciously comfortable to sit or lie on. You no longer need to stand up to adjust the back. The switch is made automatically.

Both innovations fall under the maxim ‘simplicity is key’.